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Originally Posted by yakbutter
Hopefully a Mod can sticky this like the DVD thread.

I prefer to buy books as opposed to DVDs because DVDs are sort of hit-ormiss when it comes to actual educational value. For instance, I can be inspired by a video by Terry Bozzio, but not be able to really take that much away from it in terms of practical application.

The sheer volume of books out there is pretty daunting, and I would like this to be the forum in which you drummers out here provide the most useful ones and explanations of why and what style they are applied two.

My contribution is Time Functiong Patterns by Gary Chaffee. I am actually embarrassed that I had never heard of this one in eleven years of playing. For me, this is the Holy Grail of Rock/Jazz coordination, laid out in an excellent fashion and loaded with good practice tips. Especially useful is the explanation of the basics of Linear playing (straight from the guy who invented it.) I can't wait to get the other books in the Patterns series.
Gary Chaffee is THE preeminent drum educator on the planet. His two videos are the best "educational" drum videos I've seen and are based on his 4 "Patterns" books and his "Linear Drumming" book. The videos are called: " Phrasing and Motion" and "Sticking Time, Linear Time Rhythm & Meter."

A great method book for "advanced" drummers that focuses on dynamic independence (the most difficult aspect of independence) is "Future Sounds" by David Garibaldi.
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