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Originally Posted by Aaronpoof View Post
Tattoos are indeed very addictive... I now have 6. I'm 21 and started the week after my 18th birthday. All of mine mean something to me too, and I don't regret them at all. Here are 2 of them on my right leg.
At least if you grow tired of them tats you can just let the hair continue growing and cover them hahaha

Originally Posted by rendezvous_drummer View Post
Yeah man, those tattoos are amazing!!

What do you think of these pictures? I will be getting one of these..

As you can see, I really want an irish tattoo to show my heritage. I already have a canadian tattoo planned out in a couple of months. I love both of these and am leaning towards the shield, which is the shield for the irish police.
I was actually gonna ask about them irish thing seeing as you from canada but no need now hahaha
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