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Originally Posted by spyder View Post
seriously, is this what this forum is here for? It's a discussion forum! I see you guys posting the same thing in every other post. If this isn't a discussion forum then take it down. Seriously, all you guys seem to get a kick out of telling people to use the search function. I'll say it again, Discussion forum! that's what it's for.

Please think carefully before making a new thread. Read through exsisting threads in case one exsists already with similar subject matter. Too many threads actually can ruin a forum. Moderators may delete obvious repeats if the problem persists.
Also consider which forum your thread belongs to. Try to only post a thread in the 'General discussion' forum if it really doesn't fit anywhere else. Please give clear titles to your threads too. Vague mis-leading titles are really annoying and may be modified.
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