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Default Re: New Set Up

To answer some questions,

Mr. Pasquini: No, unfortunately I couldn't scrape up for some direct drive and went with chains instead.

kung f00 and others: Yes, they are ebony pins and i love 'em. They give me a fat and deep tone I love without much sustain. May go for some coated pins for a change, these are getting old and stretched.

Komodo: I just used the cymbal stand for my 16" crash and the standard tom mounts. The beauty of yamaha is that the tom mount fits into the cymbal stand, and the mounts have room for the cymbal stand in the back. I'll see if I can get you some close up pics.

Maddrummr: Love the ride where it is, so relaxing to play and all the other cymbals are great, just a little more reach than norm for the 16" crash

And yes that is a 100% Canadian Tire throne you see...
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