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Default Re: Billy Ward here!

Originally Posted by billy ward View Post
THANK YOU, PAUL! That means alot to me.

Phil, I've written alot about your question. Probably more on my own forum than here - but I'll try to give it up again:
There is no little black book - and there is no secret handshake. The people you are playing with THIS YEAR are the ones that will eventually lead you to getting a better gig. So impress your bandmates by making them inspired to be playing with you - and then, they will champion you when a gig opens up.

it is ALL personal. A press kit will get you a gig touring with a theater company or some other kind of mid-level thing... but you don't get to play with the musical giants because of a press kit.


and thanks
I see, one gets to play with musical giants by some how getting themselves in front of those giants, am i right?
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