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Default Re: Meg White.....wonder drummer??

Originally Posted by Bernhard View Post
So this is the Great Meg White Thread, i'm wondering why you interrupt your recreative pause-time just for arguing with our just married Nutha? Bored?

Strange Strange...
I've been back occasionally for a while. I'm not posting like I used to, but I do dive in every now and again. Admittedly mostly in the Technique forum, and you don't see me in Drummers much.

And surely it's stranger that J's interrupting his just-marriedness to argue over Meg's tom angles? I could at least say I don't have anything better to be doing ;)

As for Meg, I'm arguing in her defense because of a few things I've been doing lately with drum setup. I learned everything the ergonomically correct way, but recently I've been doing things that are arguably a bit less "correct" and enjoying them because they put me in a space where my technique works better for the music I want to play. Horses for courses, and all that. Meg wants to sound like a drummer with no chops, so putting her toms in funny places is a pretty good way to achieve that. She can't really play, in the "Hey, that guy/girl can really play!" kind of a sense, but she's the right drummer for the White Stripes and it seems silly to bash her for it...
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