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Originally Posted by LiquidSoul546
Mkay, things all cleared up now, the full reason I dislike Mr. Lee's playing is his obviously simple play tactic. The simple 2 4 snare, and 1 n' 3 bass doesn't appeal to me. Sure he may try and get a little more technical ever couple of songs, but that grunge feel he gives off is not my thing. I just hate his technique, and have yet to hear one good grove, to me he sounds like any 80's loving garage band drummer. I just do see what is so amazing about him. I mean it's fin eyou like him and all, but i think it's funny to come on this site, read a dave weckl forum and people bashing him on his "too technical" drum style, but people love this guys simple style. Yes, I know it is a matter of opinion. But just a reminder, this is mine.
Thankyou! Yes...I do agree that he can be very simple. He plays what fits Motley Crue's sound and doesn't stray or dominate the songs. He sticks to the sound.

When he plays solo of Motley Crue or he plays in his basement.....there is a completely different side to his playing which most people never get a chance to hear...unless they search it out. Drums are not his only thing which I'm sure you know....and he hasn't dedicated his life to them. He has been all over the a guitarist/vocalist, writer/author, let alone trying to maintain his crazy personal life....which is where most people it seems begin thier thier criticizm of him.

I do agree that the stuff that he plays with the Crue is not very technical, but... he is very good at it. Playing for as long as you have to admit.......that these days, alot of the younger generation is in-capable of holding a simple 4/4 for 3 minutes without a fill or some fancy tactic. And, if you don't agree..ok. He is a drummer that grew up in the 60's and thats where his influences are attained.

Thanks for your views Liquid.
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