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Default Re: Meg White.....wonder drummer??

J, you need to be a bit less touchy. I wrote two rather long paragraphs about Meg White and then a short sly dig and you spent an entire post getting upset about the latter without even addressing the topic. I'm not trying to tear you down, I just don't understand why you're so riled about where she puts her toms.

What I meant about not going to study was just that - as I recall, you're entirely self-taught? That doesn't mean you don't strive to improve, but it does mean that you're probably not all that well-placed to be too severe a legit-method-book nazi. I'm sure I could find plenty of things wrong with your ergonomic and technical approach, just like I'm sure Jeff Almeyda can tear strips off mine. More one-on-one time with top-tier teachers will do that for you. That's not a judgment of merit, because non-legit methods can yield perfectly good individual musical results. The legit methods are just better for achieving certain classes of control, and if you need those types of control then you're going to need to learn them.

Which, back to the point, was exactly what I was saying about Meg. Where's the urge to fix her approach coming from? She's doing fine for herself without a Vinnie drum tone, better than either you or me when it comes to forging a career in music. What next? Are you going to fix up Mike Bourdin, Keith Carlock, Ari Hoenig and Kenny Wollensen? They've all got pretty funny tom angles and/or approaches to ergonomics too.
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