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Originally Posted by NUTHA JASON View Post
it's not that there is a single proper way to set up drums but there is certainly improper ways. imagine a kit with the snare drum set up in front of the bass and the hi tom beneath the floor tom. this is an extreme idea but it illustrates the point. while meg's tom is playable it is not ergonomic, will disallow certain good techniques and will lead to increased wear on the head. do like her cymbal choices tho
I'm scratching my head at this. Why would Meg White care about ergonomics? Her whole playing approach and tone and, indeed, the entire approach of her band is based around a certain retro-primitive approach to playing, writing, recording... Now, when it comes to "good techniques" - they give you a certain sound. Listen to Vinnie or Weckl or Benny Greb to hear what the "certain good techniques" that ergonomics deliver sound like. Think that sound suits the White Stripes? I don't.

If you fixed all the things about the White Stripes that are "wrong" then nobody would buy their records, because they'd be dull. Meg White isn't a great drummer for many other bands, but she fits right in there. Sloppy timing, weird semi-beginner setups and Charlie Watts co-ordination fits the bill perfectly. Vinnie would fit as badly into that band as Meg would into Sting's band.

But in all honesty I'm wondering why you let it bother you so much. I mean, it's not like you've gone to study the "Right" way yourself, is it? Last time I heard you were still an advocate for not teaching music notation, no?
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