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Default Re: I got a drum tattoo for my birthday.

Originally Posted by Fat Elvis View Post
if the artist is good, then it will heal well. Mine in the picture is healing nicely -- some peeling and flaking of the skin, but if you take care of it and the artist has propert technique, it should heal well without pain and (more importantly) without damage to the tattoo.

i have another tat that is a set of large stars -- the artist had a 'heavy hand' and scared part of my skin. Unfortunately it was slightly more painful than it needed to be (which it was not that painful) but more importantly it damaged the look of the tattoo slightly (discolored the blue). The good artist i found is going to touch it up for me, which should bring it back to its original state.
nice and ya that sucks about the heavy hand. i know the guy im getting it done from is very skilled, he has done many on my friends, and there is so much detail and shading. they said no peeling at all. so i guess it depends on the artist, the person and the place of the tattoo.

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