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Default Re: Meg White.....wonder drummer??

Originally Posted by Muckster View Post
Two points:

1. Someone kindly refer me to the article or link in which Meg claimed she was the world's greatest drummer and technique expert. The way some of you are going on with the Meg bashing is comical. What are you really saying here? Are you just a tad bit envious over her success? So she can't play a paradiddle or keep the best what.
She never claimed to be the best. If you're going to bash her, than you'll have to bash many others ahead of her including you know who from Liverpool.

2. As far as a "properly set up" drum kit go, what does that mean? The drumset is, in effect, an instrument slapped together through years of morphing consisting of other percussive instruments. It's endless arrangements make it the most "individual" instrument hands down. So does "properly set up" really equate to "like everyone else"?
Best post in the whole thread.

I thought one of the rules around here was no artist bashing? Just a thought.
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