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Originally Posted by da cheese walks View Post matter how much many people may disagree,and even tho i love drums more than most things in life,drums arent(unless in the hands of Terry Bozzio),and never will be Musical instruments...and that doesnt mean you cant have that certain 'Musicality' to your playing...theyre not about chords,or melodies,or harmonies,or notes...theyre percussion...

i never in my life thought i would hear that from a drummer. if drums weren't musical then no one would have toms and every drummers kit would sound the same. there are certain situations where drums aren't suited to be musical like in mainstream rock, but then there's situations where music would be boring if the drummer didnt play with different rhythms and sounds like in jazz and latin music. the actual definition of a harmony is two or more notes played simultaneously, so when you hit your snare and bass together you are creating harmony.

but you are right about the fine line between feeling and technique. if being passionate was all you needed to be good at something then everyone would be an artist. and if everyone is an artist then no one is.
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