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Default Re: Roger Biwandu here...

Originally Posted by Roger Biwandu View Post
Hey Phil Bro' !!!

Thanks for your message.

I'm leaving France tomorrow, going to the USA...
Unlucky we are !!!

GREAT video from Frankfurt, nice Man.

Take care Bro' and have fun !!!

PS : Hardy Fischoetter, a good friend of mine and AWESOME drummer is from Koln, you should try to contact him, he's a sweet cat and REALLY an amazing drummer.
What a drag bro!!! We keep missing each other! Cant believe it.
Heeeeyy thank you for the nice words man. Coming from you....i will take that compliment with much gratitude:-)

Sure I know Hardy. i was just talking about him with another real good jazz drummer out here. Hendrik Schmok?? I cant spell his last name , but thats what it sounds like. know him? Not too many jazz drummers out here. He is a good one!

Where will you be in the US? NY??
Live to play!
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