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Default Re: Roger Biwandu here...

Hey Phil Bro' !!!

Thanks for your message.

I'm leaving France tomorrow, going to the USA...
Unlucky we are !!!

GREAT video from Frankfurt, nice Man.

Take care Bro' and have fun !!!

PS : Hardy Fischoetter, a good friend of mine and AWESOME drummer is from Koln, you should try to contact him, he's a sweet cat and REALLY an amazing drummer.

Originally Posted by Phil Maturano View Post
Old buddy!! Whats uupp!! I am in Koln germany! Where are you?? Maybe i can go visit you?? i have a couple of days off...and a car:-O!!! hahaha

Lets hang one day! I am here for one more week!
Tain, Vinnie, Fish, Jeffrey and Stewart are the reason, many other great, and go The All Blacks !!!
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