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Default Re: Meg White.....wonder drummer??

Jason, of all people you can't really accuse her of having a slightly odd setup. Yours is esoteric as well, as is everybody elses'! We all have our own preferences as such and as moderator, you should be more acutely aware of the personal differences that each drummer prefers in their own particular setup. Meg does her own thing, and that's fine by me. Not a White Stripes fan by any stretch, but they're having a blast, so I see no need to change anything!
my my you do hold a grudge MFB.

don't use words like 'you as a moderator...' on me again. i as a poster have the right to express an opinion and i don't need you to preach to me how to do my job. very disappointing that you are still in this line of thinking.

meg's tom angle is ridiculous and i as a poster and drum teacher would advise any young drummer against such an un-ergonomic set up. i have every right to do so in this thread. if you have a problem with anything i have just typed please respond in PM and think carefully what you type. your best course of action would be to retract and apologise or just keep silent.

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