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Originally Posted by LinearDrummer View Post
Glad to see you postin again....

I have a couple of ?s I'd been wanting to ask since you first got here and hopefully you can help me....

I don't have the left foot clave thing goin but I have some good basic independence against some of the standard latin bass drum ostinatos but I'm having a hard time knowing how to apply it in a musical setting...

In my school band we play some Latin stuff like Ran Kan Kan and Mi Tierra and I always think Songo when the piano plays the montuno but my instructor will tell me to play something different....also there are 3 other drummers on congas, timbale and cowbell and if I do stuff on the snare it sounds too busy....He sometimes tells me to just play ride and bass drum only which gets kinda boring....

Anywayz basically here are the ?s

- How do you know what the right groove is to play....
- Do you have to hold back when there are alot of percusionist playing with you....
- Also I just started buying Latin music and I liked Dave he a good resource to listen to or is there better more authentic stuff .....

Your thoughts and opinions would be much appreciated.....
HI bud...those are great questions. I am on Clinic tour right now, and i can tell you...these sum up allot of questions asked by drummers all over the world right now. The answers are long and involved. I am not the kind of guy who pushes product on someone....BUT...if you want to save yourself ALLOT of time, money and hassle...get my DVD. All those questions and much more are answered. You can learn all this stuff by trial and error and getting yelled at on the gig. This will take years and probably result in people thinking you are not ready for Latin music. Dont let that happen. There are many rules to follow and not knowing them can put a stain on your rep´as a player. Whether you are technically a good drummer or not. This has to do with many many years of research and not that much with actual technical difficulty. Your knowledge of interacting in a percussion section will serve you well in many other styles. It is the ability to gel in a musical way, with other players.

one thing you can think about right away is this....

Imagine you have not 2 arms but 8. Not 2 legs but 8. All these limbs playing together...different parts....must be in harmony for the percussion section to sound cohesive and groove. Other wise it is total chaos. The more you are able to imagine yourself as part of the whole and not the only percussionist in an ensemble, the more people will like to play with you. YOU are the conguero, YOU are the bongosero and timbalero. They are playing off you and you off them. You are creating rhythmic harmony.
Thats a conceptual beginning. Then you just need to know what to play, where, and WHEN:-)

I hope this helps....The DVD explains ALL parts played by the percussionists. All the parts you play on the kit with them, and explains all the bell patterns, when to change bells, function of bells, reasons for playing each bell, reason to play cymbals or cascara, hats ... etc etc etc and more etc. Its all stuff i learned on the street. It took years of learning and playing the music. There is no other DVD that has this information. Which is pretty shocking actually.

Anyway, stay in touch and let me know how its going.
Live to play!

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