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Default Re: Meg White.....wonder drummer??

Originally Posted by da cheese walks View Post
my opinion!
I'm stunned. I've never found an opinion I've disagreed with more than yours.

What about timbre and tone? Just because you're not terry bozzio doesn't mean you can't tune your drums. Danny Carey's a genius with tuning his drums so they resonate perfectly with the music. 100 different drummers can hit a snare drum and sound different, you can't do that with middle C on piano. You can create completely unique sounds with the instrument and the possibilities for composition are AMAZING. Why do you think ringo is respected? Not much in the way of technique, especially compared the scientists of today, but without him, the music wouldn't have been what it was. How is it more a technical instrument than a musical instrument? If you truly believe that, you'll play like that.

It's your opinion, so fine, have it. I'm sorry I had to respond but the idea of the drums being stripped of their musical importance by a drummer no less is kind of the embodiment of my nightmares.
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