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Default Re: Meg White.....wonder drummer??

Originally Posted by da cheese walks View Post matter how much many people may disagree,and even tho i love drums more than most things in life,drums arent(unless in the hands of Terry Bozzio),and never will be Musical instruments.

Similiar to how "rap" isn't music or "metal" is just noise? As many drummers have shown, especially the industrial ones, ANYTHING can be a musical instrument. Music, to me, Is a sound that is appealing to the listener, weither that be metal or a bird singing. An instrument is a tool/object that does something. Thus, A musical instrument is an object that makes music, and drums are those.

Now Meg White. IMO, she's a fine drummer, similar to ringo star with the beatles. Doesn't do to much fancy stuff, but yet she doesn't it need to to play with the White Stripes. some genres require less technicality and more simplicity, certain aspects of rock fit that ticket.
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