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Default Re: Meg White.....wonder drummer??

Well, I think if you're asking if Meg White has a tremendous amount of technical ability, but she's playing so as to sound like she doesn't ...I'd answer no, I highly doubt that. I mean, she might have some more skill than she lets on, but I'm guessing she's no technician by any stretch.

But, I think she kicks serious butt. Though, I do wonder weather she arranges her parts, or if jack white tells her what to play. I'd probably guess it's some of both.

Anyway, though, I think that technical proficiency really has nothing to do with being a good drummer. It's like the whole speed thing -speed isn't good or bad's just speed. Being technically proficient on the drums doesn't make you a good drummer or a bad drummer just makes you technically proficient. It's like determining how good a fiction writer is by how many words they know or how many grammar rules they can recite, or how good a painter is by how photo-realistic their paintings are.

I only have the 'get behind me satan' album, but if I mentioned the specific names of a lot of highly esteemed drummers I think her playing far exceeds on that album I'd probably get accused of trolling. I love it because it's just got buckets of attitude and, to me, stuff like getting across attitude, emotion, ego and personality are what make a drummer great -or any artist great, for that matter.

Of course, I'll add my usual disclaimer here: I'm not saying technique is bad or somehow not worthwhile and, yes, there are plenty of musical situations where it's downright necessary. I've spend many, many hours developing mine and I practice a lot ...I just don't spend those hours under the misconception that developing that technique will make me a good drummer or a good artist.
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