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Default Re: Videos: Abe Laboriel and Sting

Originally Posted by Flamacue View Post
I gotta say it...what's with that ugly bass Sting's been playing on? Is there something sentimental about an unfinished, half sanded guitar? I mean, the guy's probably got 30+ basses, and 10 cars, can't he get this one fixed in time for the next show?
Man, I totally disagree. Thats probably 20 years of scratches from a leather coat, palm rubbing, touring etc. That is beauty to me! Everyone can own a brand-spanking new shiney instrument - its a reflection of his lifetime of hard work. His bass is proof that he's concerned more with comfort and sound than image, thats respectable in my book. I'll bet he's been "fixing" it for more years than many members here have been alive.
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