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Default Re: Stick Grip Product

I have been playing for almost two weeks now with dipped sticks. I removed all the painted-on material and re-did the sticks by dipping and tipping the container and rolling the sticks around to get uniform coverage. It took some finesse, but the diminishing amount of material doesn't affect the coverage area as long as I roll the sticks carefully.

These do abrade my hands a lot more than varnished wood and a feel a bit of a sting after a half-hour straight practice session. I could see if someone wasn't used to this material and started playing four hours a day, they'd get some mean blisters. My calluses have gotten noticeably thicker in just 10 days. But the sticks absolutely stay put and the material is holding, but I can tell it's wearing down (not as shiny) in the areas where it rubs against the skin the most.

In all, a great idea for a DIY project that's cheap and easy and produces a big benefit.
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