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Default Re: Meg White.....wonder drummer??

Originally Posted by jiltednut View Post
Meg has been playing for the past 10 years, yet her playin is still somewhat sloppy and uneven, I even tried playing along with some songs, and I couldn't replicate the drum parts. I mean its simple, but is it tooo simple.

I've never tried to play White stripes songs, but I have a similar problem when trying to play Neil Young crazy horse material - the father of that garage sound. I am never happy with my version of "Keep on Rockin' in a free world".

I read in an interview that after 30+ years of playing, Crazy horse still sounded as if it was the first time they touched their instrument. And that is exactly the sound they're after.

A "stylish sloppy feel" is hard to achieve. From the little I heard from her, it seems that Meg is good at it.
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