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Keith Moon was an original.

His approach to the instrument was very muched based in psuedo jazz. He played the vocal phrase line and rhythm, as opposed to Bonham, who concentrated on shadowing the guitar as the hinge point for his rhythmic approach. Moon's favourite 'type' of music was 'surf'. The Beachboys, Jan+Dean etc.

Moon was a very sad and tragic character(no doubt this will be dealt with in the movie), he suffered from feelings of inadequecy, was lonely all the time, even with a crowd of people around, and constantly seeking approval as a means of dealing with the feelings he had. When it didn't work, he turned to substance abuse.

If you get a chance to see 'Who's Next' on the series Classic Albums, there's a wonderful segment where Daltrey pushes up the faders on Moon's kit during Baba O, and just by listening to the drums, you know where you are in the song....this is a perfect example of his approach to the instrument.

Sloppy?......maybe while under the effects of substances, however, as Entwistle says' Keith ALWAYS knew where the beat was'.

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