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i have been taking lessons with dom off and on for about 2 years and i must say that he is the BEST teacher i have ever had.he knows more about drum technique then any other teacher i have ever taken lessons with and he always wants to help me get to the next level.he is also one of the nicest guys i have every met.
the way i first met him was in my home state of VA.i saw that he was doing a clinic in my area so i called him up and asked if i could take a lesson with him before his show.i also told him that i had tendenitis and that had been giving me problems for years.he told me to come down for the lesson and that he would not even charge me for it so that he could help me out with my wrist problems.i have been trying to drive up to long island to study with him ever since when im able to.and its well,well worth the trip.
i hope to study with him for many years to come because he has the knowledge to help me grow to be the best drummer i can be.and the pure fact that he really cares about all of his students is just really get the major feeling that he is really glad to see you when you come in for your lesson.hes the kind of guy that will bend over backwards to help you out.
great teacher and a great human being!!!!
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