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real name? ain't tellin, but you can call me Kat
age? 19
how long been playing? haha...not very long, about 4 months, but I also played a little when I was a kid. I just had one very long break
origin of user name? I really don't know, it just came to my head.
top 5 drummers? Sadly the only one I know is Virgil, but I wanna learn about others
make of drumkit? Aww you don't wanna know.... Promax lol
make of cymbal? Ditto, it's a beginners kit.
where do you practice? Garage
are you in a band/s? No, but I have some very talented friends I jam with
covers or originals? Originals, we like to improvise (have an excellent guitarist friend who's been playing for 13 years, he's awesome, and it feels really natural drumming for him)
what style of music? more into the metal side
favourite take out food? KFC
one really odd fact about yourself? I think I talk to my cat more than I do to real people. hahaha!
how did you start drumming? My father drums, and one day at school my teacher pulled a drumkit outta the storage room and taught us kids to play. I was the only one with the coordination to be able to play a basic beat properly, and so I became the class drummer for class shows and that. I stopped when my bro started playing, I didn't want to be compared, and now I have my own kit so yeah... It's the only instrument that feels right to me.