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Wow Paul, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your so nice words about me, Man, really, thank you very much, I don't know stronger words for saying how I apreciate your support.

You know, it's all about music and being humble for me, I think that we just have to be sincere and let the things come...

Anyway, thank you Paul, and take care.


Originally Posted by Paul Quin View Post

Thank you so much for contributing to this forum. Your resume and humility speaks volumes about your abiity as a player and your character as a person. I wanted to say how much I appreciated yout top ten: great drummers, great performances and every one within a great song. There is no song you chose which has not been made better by a very special and musical drum performance. That is what we should all strive for.

We are privileged to have you around.

Tain, Vinnie, Fish, Jeffrey and Stewart are the reason, many other great, and go The All Blacks !!!
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