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Default Re: cjl71178's ludwig classic birches

Originally Posted by thecraponline View Post
Very nice kit, the setup looks very comfortable. It definitely looks striking from the front with all those shiny cymbals.

I'm curious about your Pearl ISS mount - firstly, in the picture it looks like it is being used with an L-arm; I am wondering how you got it to work like that (to my knowledge Pearl does not offer ISS mounts that work with L-arms.) Secondly, how well do you like the ISS mount? I have been considering upgrading my kit to ISS, and I was wondering if this would be worth the $18.
I bought the ISS mount because I bought the drum without the tom bracket drilled to the shell. Also, I already had an old Pearl tom arm I could use and it would be alot easier removing the ISS mount when I put the tom into its case. I couldn't get the tom set to where I really liked it, so I removed the pearl bracket and replaced it with a gibraltar L rod mount . I had to redrill into the ISS mount to make it fit, but it works fine for me plus I can use my tama tom arm. I really like the ISS mount, the tom resonates more than it would on a snare stand.

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