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Originally Posted by spw View Post
Does anyone have any opinions on the instructional "Hands, grooves & fills", by Pat Petrillo?
I recently acquired this DVD and I think it is great. It comes with a book, a DVD and a CD which contains files in Mp3 format. All three of these items work well together. I find that many educational tools out there fail because they are too much of an exhibition of the drummer's prowess or, on the other hand, the educational style is simply too uninspiring to work in such a medium. Pat really does a great job of teaching while inspiring you to practise. This is a book about TEACHING - but the examples make you want to play!!

The technique section is very useful in terms of ways to develop control and speed. Note, however, that I think you need to have some basic knowledge before this will be very helpful. This is not for brand newbies because I suspect they may not make it past the warm up exercises. But, Please don't let that put you off - if you are dedicated I am sure you could get some benefits.

The groove section is excellent. It teaches good basic grooves and it teaches some complex grooves with the use of controlled ghost notes as well as displaced snare work. The fills section is also excellent as it breaks down just what technique you need to pull off some stuff that sounds a lot more complex than it is.

Pat is an engaging and passionate teacher and he does a good job in showing you how to find the pocket - and that after is all is the thing that keeps you in work.

This is one of the best educational tools out there - I recommend it highly.

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