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Default Re: cjl71178's ludwig classic birches

Originally Posted by cjl71178 View Post
I hope I can help you on this. I actually like both (don't frown just yet!).

At the time, the only reason I bought the classic maples was because the classic birches weren't offered yet. I've been a fan of birch for a long time. A close friend of mine who helped me out when I first started playing had a practice place where he kept his Tama Superstars (which were birch). He gave me a key and let me go practice there whenever. I fell in love with those Superstars, but my friend would never part with them. I had owned a Pearl export kit for a few years and then finally traded it in for a set of Tama Starclassic Performers (100% birch). I was so happy and pleased with them, that kit got me through so many shows and whatnot. But deep down, I still wanted a set of Ludwigs. When the time (and money) came, I had no doubt in my mind that my next set were going to be Ludwigs and I went with the maples. They were very different than my performers. The maples were very warm sounding and it took me a long time to get used to them. Also, the group I was playing with at the time wasn't miking every drum so the maples were alot quieter.

Now that I own the classic birches, I'm finally back to the sound I've been familiar with. IMO, birch just sound brighter and louder to my ears. Don't get me wrong, I have my maples set up in my drum room right now and they're unbelieveable too.

If this makes sense, to me, maples are more of a "studio" kit, and the birches are more of a "live" kit. Before I get blasted by a maple lover, that is MY opinion.

Your best bet would be (if possible) trying out both kits. If you lived near PA, I would gladly offer you to come and test drive both of my kits.

I hope I helped you and not confuse you more. Best of luck.
Thanks for the input I just might have to get the birch kit since I gig more than record I played the starclasics performer which like you said is birch and if the ludwigs sounded better than them then i'm sold.I also have got a pearl export select kit they're a decent kit but I want a American kit(Ludwigs).I really do appreciate your opinion.

Keep Swatting,
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