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I started to learn the drums when I was 5 years old. I found it so boring having to listen to parididles (Probably spelt wrong) and stuff like that, but when I was about 11, I started to listen to U2 and Larry Mullen's Drumming on "Rejoice" immediately made me start to play the drums in a new way altogether. I stopped learning theory and more worked on "feel" which is all what Larry Mullen's Drumming is all about. So much emotion in his drumming, Anyone agree? ALSO check out "Fire" (Great snare work) and Pride (Everyone should learn this song)

And as for the new album (How to Dismantle..) I was disgusted at the level of Larry's Drums in the mix, why ??? "Original of the Species" great track until the chorus comes in and all you can hear is guitar and strings!, you can just about hear the ride cymbal!

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