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Default Re: Favorite "Live" Album

Originally Posted by cjl71178 View Post

Before I get into mine, I have to let you guys know something. I'm not a big fan of live albums at all. I could care less for most of them because I would much rather hear the studio version of the song, unless the live version stands out...if you know what i mean...?
I would much rather hear a live version cause good bands improvise. (i.e. normal guitar solos are stretched longer, songs are done faster, drum wise the fills are most of the time different, and so on.) For a live song, you get to hear the true talent of the band and not a touched up studio recording.

Led Zeppelin "How the West Was Won"
Rage Against the Machine "Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium"
RHCP "Live at Slane Castle" (DVD)
Led Zeppelin "BBC Sessions"
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