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Thanks Mr. Pasquini. I still do things I need to do like school, family, friends, and taking care of myself. It is very special to me because it took me a long (I mean a loooong) time to find something I was good at. Here's what I tried in my life:
nursery school and kindergarten: ballet and soccer
elementary school grades 1 - 3: softball
grades 4 - 6: basketball and skateboarding (I was in real tomboy phase then)
middle school: piano (I took that up pretty well but I figured out that drumming is my true musical love)
9th through now: drums at last!
*start the violins*
I've also loved the drums my whole life but didn't know I did until I could sort out my feelings. When I was little I would always ask for toy drums at Christmas because my little sister would break them all the time. Then in about 5th or 6th grade I looked into joining my old homeschool's bagpipe and drum corps but I really wanted to play the "big drums" (the drum set) so I asked my parents ,after playing someone's kit at a summer camp, if I could play them and they let me! Ever since then I was hooked.
*stop violins and grab tissues" lol
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