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Originally Posted by LiquidSoul546
Alright, there is your opinion, and may i quote myself.."and TO ME....plays the drums for all the wrong resons." Look if you wanna question my drum education, that's wack, I've been drumming for 7 years, since i was 9, and not just chillin at home playin, i mean taking lessons, studying music theory in grade school and now in highschool. I'm not saying I am an almighty professor, and all i say is right, I'm just saying I don't like his drum style, his life style, or his attitude twoards that matter. So, is it absolutly wrong for me to say that i dont' like tommy? Nope, and tell you the truth, I personally would rather see most of the drummers on this site play a set, than that guy.
ps. How is my statement out of context. What do you see him do during shows? Has a rediculus sized bass drum for show, flips his sticks, and uses sparklers for a solo, I will never put that under the context of a great drummer in my book. He hasn't done a thing to impress me, and probably never will. So that's my opinion...

I didn't question your drum education. I asked you a very simple question. What does he do drum-wise that shows that he is mediocre? I'm asking you a very pin-pointed question. And.......regarding his private life.........the only thing you know about what the media tells you...right? So again.....all I am doing is asking you pin-pointed questions on your opinons.

Maybe this will help to settle this matter...cuz people are starting to think that I am taking this personally. What I am doing is playing the "devils advocate". That means that I am objectively taking a different side to the forum for amusment. While...I do like Tommy Lee and his playing...I'm just simply asking you how does HIS PLAYING sound haven't answered that or any of my questions.

I'm not attacking you Liquid......Im sorry if it comes off that way. I just asked you some pin-pointed questions on your opinon considering where you facts come for your opinons. Having an opinon is wonderful. I am just wondering where it comes from....and playing the "devils advocate" as well. Sorry if I offended you or anyone else.

Also....he does use that huge bass drum! All you have to do is listen to his playing...and its very its not just there for looks.
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