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Originally Posted by NaturalRaz
LOL....that is one of the greatest things I have ever heard. I'll just ask you this........How you do you know that he plays drums for all the wrong reasons? Did he tell you this? Do you know him or his friends? How you do know that he doesn't have a love for drumming?

Your opinion is your opinon...but Im sure that anyone with common sense knows that the things you just said are very out of context. You don't know you can't say those things with any type of stability.

Oh......also, if he is so mediocre....what is it that you do and he doesn't to allow you to feel that you have a solidified and educated opinon on his playing? Post your playing for us! Let us see how good you are. In a are saying that you can play better than him. Show us!

Raz, buddy...stop taking this thread so personally. You're ALL over it as if you were being attacked or they were saying that they didn't like your playing. So some people don't like how he plays, that's their opinion, and it's their right to have it. Once you start saying stuff like "Post YOUR playing!" then you're going to get into the realm of personally attacking THEM...and that's not what this forum is about.
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