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I got an email from Rhys Clarks wife. She said he's out of town and she always gets his e-mails anyway since he doesn't care for computers. In response to how Rhys got together with Billy she said Rhys came to the US with an Australian band to record an album. My dad told me he was a big pop star over there. His band was in the middle of recording the album and they ended up splitting up and most of the band went back to Australia, but Rhys stayed here. He started working as a studio drummer for the record company where his Aussie band was recording. They had just signed a guy from Long Island named Billy Joel and he was coming to L.A. to record his first album, Cold Spring Harbor, so Rhys played drums on the album. When they finished recording Billy went back to New York. Then a few months later he started auditioning musicians for a touring band. He hired a New York bass player and guitar player, but couldn't find a drummer he liked, so he asked Rhys if he would consider moving to New York and going on tour with him. Rhys was about to go to England to see if he wanted to work with a band there, but decided to go to New York because he thought Billy was very talented. He moved to Long Island and lived with Billy while they rehearsed and did some recording there. Then the L.A. record company owner called and said he wanted the band to come to L.A. to record another album and get ready to go on tour. They moved to L.A., but the guy who was producing the new album said he wouldn't produce it unless he used his own musicians. Billy tried to get him to change his mind and use his band, but he wouldn't so the band didn't get to play on Piano Man. Rhys ended up playing on Captain Jack because they didn't like the drum track when they recorded it with the other drummer. Rhys worked with Billy for four years, but he stayed in L.A. when Billy moved back to New York.
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