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Marco Minneman - Extreme Interdependence(Book + CD)

Rating : 5.0/5.0

Review : One of the best books to build up independence and interdependence. Marco takes u step by step evolving independence and interdependence of four limbs. This is actually helping me a lot. still in the first exercise, took me a while to do the warm up exercises, but now the actual exercises are a bit easy. i advice this book to every drummer who intends to make their body a bit more flexible .... drumming wise :)

Thomas Lang - Creative Co-ordination and Advacned Foot Technique

Rating : 4.5/5.0

Review : A very in depth analysis of double bass work and also independence. A matrix system that Lang came up with actually helps prac independece easily. since the matrix is easy to remember and no difficult at all, i think its a nice idea. though it doesnt cover independence over time signatures(which is covered in marco's book) it makes a very good watch and interesting DVD. he covers many aspects of multi pedal orchestrations and diff foot patterns that can be created using simple and already known patterns. The only negative aspect is everyone cant try out the diff MPOs that he shows, but its interesting to see how its done. All in all a good DVD with 7 hrs of footage, a nice watch and plenty to learn from.
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