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Well there is a short story behind this DIY. I went to sam ash to return a broken cymbal, got there,and they said i have to send it in myself. I was dumb and didnt read the warranty, it clearly says that. So im at samash and figured i should look around. I was looking at some of the hardware they have and saw the Danmar wooden beaters. I thought, ive seen a lot of metal drummers using these maybe ill give them a shot. There was no price tag so i said " they cant be more than 12 bucks each right?" I proceed to the checkout to find out that they are 20 bucks each! Thats 40 bucks for double beater! I went home and decided to make some myself.

I used the shaft off of some old felt beaters that came w/ stock pedals ive had. The wood came from the leg of a chair! This chairs legs were not straight they, they had designs in them, some parts rouded and others pointy. Hard to explain ill post a pic when i get back home. I took a part of the wood that was rounded and cut a peice big enough for the shafts that had. All I had to go then is sand them down a bit and dill holes. I chose to drill the holes off center so i would have more adjustment. I think they are a great option to spending 40 bucks on Danmar beaters. Total cost, free for me, i had the chair lying around. For those who want to do this i would say go to ur local home depot or hardware store and see if they sell decorative legs, if they dont just but a peice of 2x2 or 3x3 and sand it down a bit, square beaters might be cool too.
Anyway heres some pics.

next ill be bending the shaft in two places to give the beater more of a foward angle.
like that^^

p.s. this post has made me realize how hard it is to describe shapes lol.
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