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Default Brian "brain" Mantia

The first time I've heard this drummer it was on the Primus Antipop album and I really hated his style. First of all I tought he was the one bringing some kind of Neo-metal atmosphere in the band, was doing many mistakes, or lacked of originality for a band like Primus..., actually I realised that I was simply a total Tim Alexander Freak (i'm still even a bigger freak).
But now listening to other records of that drummer I think he's pretty good. I really like what he's done on El Stew's No Hesitation, he plays cool hip-hop original electro beats, or his playing and sound on Primus Shake Hands with Beef is so fat and groovy.......................he's not very technical and is not at all a fluid smooth drummer but this guy really has the groove added with a Stewart Copeland High-Hat feel. I just dislike his few solo's i've heard, I personnaly tought it was a total incoherent unmusical mess.
I'de like to know what ya all think of him ?!?!?!

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