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Default Re: cjl71178's ludwig classic maples

Originally Posted by tomodrum1 View Post
Totally love the kit. it looks so comfy and....clean. As well as the cymbals.
I play my rack tom really low and flat, it does look like TB's but that isn't the desired affect. i just accidently lowered the tom too much once and found it was better for me. I suppose everyone's just different.

thank you...yes, i'm a "nit-picker" when it comes to having clean equipment! i used to get harassed by my band members all the time saying that i keep a level and a feather duster in my stick bag! HA!

before i bought these ludwigs, i owned (no longer *tears*) a tama starclassic kit that had 9x10, 10x12, and 11x13" rack toms. i could never get them really low without them hitting the bass drum, so i would sit up higher which really bothered me. i sent the toms out to get cut down an inch or so, which i was happy with once i got them back. when i ordered this kit, i went with the conventional sizes on the toms. i love having my ride cymbal where it is...i don't think i will ever change that as far as in my setup.

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