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Default Re: cjl71178's ludwig classic maples

thanks guys for all the kind words....i have to post up the classic birches next!

Originally Posted by Drummer Karl View Post
Beautiful! I especially like this riveted china!
Man, you were really lucky with that

er, but a question anyway: How do you find that Star cast snare stand? I can understand the reason for the tom usage...but does it really affect the snare sound? Is it more open?

Nice kit, nice kit...with some very fine cymbals!

thanks karl, yes...i did luck out with the china swap. i have to get rivets put back in them. when i swapped cymbals with my buddy, there was only two rivets in the cymbal at the time and they eventually fell out. i almost forgot i had this cymbal, until i was going through all my gear. i also still have my pair of 13" Zildjian brilliant quick beats that i bought from venemen's music (which is now musican's friend) in maryland 14 years ago!

i really like the tama air ride (star cast) system. in my opinion, it definately opens up the snare sound alot, i can tell the difference. the only thing that's weird to get used to is that the drum "bounces" a little when you hit it.

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