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Default Re: cjl71178's ludwig classic maples

Originally Posted by maddrummr View Post
Awesome, totally awesome. Your finish is sweet, though im not too much of a fan of the flat toms. Idk, it just never seemed to appeal to me. But i do like the way you set up the 2 up 2 down... probably because its exactly how my set is. Dig the cymbals as well...How do you like the K/Z combo?

EDIT: uh oh post 666
thanks, i really liked the black diamond pearl. i almost went with the black oyster (just like Ringo), but after seeing the black diamond pearl, i couldn't resist. i'm not surprised you said that about my flat toms. when i was gigging in my last two bands, i would always let a drummer come up and play. everyone that came up said it was so comfortable except for the rack toms. it's just comfortable that way to me.

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