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Default Re: cjl71178's ludwig classic maples

Originally Posted by thecraponline View Post
Great set, I like your bass drum art. I like the rug too.

I'm assuming you moved your kit out just to take pictures. Was this a lot of trouble?
thanks! i painted the little stick guy onto a thin peice of clear mylar. i knew a guitar player who worked at a plastics company and he got me a sheet of it. what's great about the mylar is that it's removable, you can peel it off and slap it on a different head if you needed to.

that is an old rug that i used to use when i was gigging out all the time. now i own one of those "crashpad" drumrugs which rolls up into a small nylon bag. it's alot easier than throwing that long peice of carpet in the back of the vehicle...LOL!

no, it wasn't too much trouble moving my kit outside because the drum room is right next to the garage. i was so tempted to bang out a groove though but since i'm the new neighbor in town...i didn't want to make the natives angry (it's bad enough i'm sure they hear it coming from inside the house!)

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