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Default Re: Bernhard Purdie

Originally Posted by Fat Elvis View Post
As far as ringo playing the stype effortlessly -- i mean, come on.... it's not like it was Gadd up there doing something WAY out of the box. Those early drum tracks were something that most compitent drummers could mimmic easily with little practice.
That has always been the issue. Why would Purdie claim to be playing on tracks that are not attributed as anything special? I have heard that he (Purdie) really doesn't bother bringing this topic up any moe and brushes it aside when it is brought up to him. Even if it is true, he has probably concluded the topic does more harm to his rep than good.

That controversy aside, I absolutely love his playing. I try and see him whenever he plays in NYC. I don't know how he does it. His playing just exudes joy. His vocal expressions are part of his sound! And his solos are just as groovy too! I could actually take my wife to one of his clinics and she would love it! Can't say the same for a Virgil or Lang clinic.
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