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Default cjl71178's ludwig classic maples

hello fellow drummers!

i've never actually posted up my full ludwig classic maple set up. here she is....

Drums: ludwig classic maple in black diamond (bought back in late 2001)

8x10 rack tom
8x12 rack tom (both on rims mounts)
13x14 floor tom
14x16 floor tom (both on rims floor tom mounts)
16x22 kick drum
6x14 ludwig classic birch silver sparkle snare (on tama air ride system)

Cymbals : Zildjian (from left to right) all brilliant except noted

13" k/z hi hats
16" a custom projection crash
8" zxt flash splash
18" a medium thin crash
8" a custom splash
20" a custom projection ride
17" a medium thin crash
18" zbt china
18" a custom projection crash
20" a swish circa late 80's (non brilliant and 6 holes drilled for rivets...gotta get some)

quick interesting story about the 20" swish. i've had this cymbal for many years now. this was my friend's cymbal and we made a trade. he wanted my 18" sabian b8 pro china because he thought it sounded we made an even swap. hmmm...who got the better cymbal???

evans coated g2's/clear resonants on toms
aquarian superkick 2 on kick batter
evans eq3 on kick front
evans power center reverse dot on snare top
aquarian hi performance snare side on snare bottom

Hardware: all tama including iron cobra hi hat and double pedal, gibraltar throne


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