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Default Re: Bernhard Purdie

well, i have little opinion on the matter -- even though i like BP's style more than ringo's. However, as any good detective would say, who has more to lose and gain? Obviously someone like Bernard Purdie with his credentials does not need to 'say' he played with the beatles to be recognized as one of the greats.

However to say that ringo played on none of the early beatles would be a tsunami-sized rock scandal that would dwarf milli vanilli.

Just as food for thought, Ringo and those associated with the Beatles have FAR MORE to lose than Bernard does to gain should anything be true about his statements. In fact, he really has nothing to gain at all.

The fact that his story did not change over 30 years also makes one think -- you know how lies tend to grow? Nope, in his case, it was the same statements 21 tracks, multiple drummers, none were ringo.

As far as ringo playing the stype effortlessly -- i mean, come on.... it's not like it was Gadd up there doing something WAY out of the box. Those early drum tracks were something that most compitent drummers could mimmic easily with little practice.

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