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Default Re: What's your "day" job?

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How cool is it to be a fulltime worship leader :)
One day I want to be fulltime for the Kingdom...
Me too :) guess we'll work that job together.

My day job is studying "Advanced Technology" at the university of Twente in Enschede, the netherlands. I hope to get a bachelor's degree in that study, after which I wanna get a master's degree in industrial design engineering. I get scholarship and allowance, but need to work 2 evenings per week to be able to get by comfortably. That job sucks: calling people for market research. I really hate that job but it's the only thing I can do for about 8 hours a week, with flexible planning.
Sometimes that job is fun though, when I get a really dumb person on the phone I can sometimes have a good laugh at how they react to my phone call.

I guess my dream job after getting a master's degree would either be a pro drummer, or working as a design engineer for companies like Tama, Remo, Pearl, Paiste...anything drumming related.
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