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Default Re: Bernhard Purdie

Some people on youtube posted this:

flapsnappy (4 months ago)
I was a Purdie fan until I did research on the artists and records HE said he played on/with. Turned out he's a patalogical liar. He claims he played on mostly all of the Beatles records! Most of the Bowie records. McCartney and Bowie laughed when I brought this up. Sometimes you dig yourself so deep ya can't get out. The sad thing is he doe's have the groove from hell and should just let the drumming do the talking. Take the 'AJA' record for instance.

CLWarunki (2 months ago)
You might have a point there, but nobody can prove wether or not he did or didn't ghost on any beatles sessions etc... so it's still a mystery, but with all his credentials WHY WOULD HE NEED TO LIE!? Oh and "Aja" was not just Purdie... remember Gadd? I think there was a 3rd drummer on that record too. So you know Bowie and McCartney personally eh?

theonlyrealMugsy (2 months ago)
I think Bernard was the no.1 drum call in L.A. It's a documented fact that there were some ghost drums on Beatle Albums. Just who remained a secret so youngsters weren't disallusioned with their heroes. BP wouldn't have to lie about a thing. His talent lies in laying it down under pressure of tape rolling without choking. That's why he's the man.

Anyone knows if some of that is true?? Or did these guys just wanted some attention?
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