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Default My New Yamaha Set Up

I was kinda bored of my old setup and decided to give it a little revamp. It was also out of curiousity as to what hardware fit into each other and due to my interest in some of the set up I've seen on this forum. So here it is, comments and suggestions for improvments would be great:

Drums: Yamaha Stage Custom Nouveau (Black Matte)

Toms (dia x depth):


Bass: 22x18

Snare: 14x5.5

Cymbals: Sabian

16" HHX Studio Crash
18" HHX Studio Crash
14" Groove Hats
22" Paragon Ride

Hardware: Yamaha

Heads: Remo (Evans on Bass)

And here are the pics...

Pics in post #8 below as photobucket links...
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