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Default Re: Stick Grip Product

Well I played for about two hours this evening with a pair of my dipped 5A's and not even the first hint of a slip.

DMG...I think if you had enough to do the slow dip process that they recommend as opposed to a brush you may have had better results. Time will tell if these last for any time at all keeping in mind that I'm playing 60's rock and some smooth jazz and some blues and not smashing them like some metal players. I just got tired of the tapes I was using and this product is so thin after one coat that you can barely feel it on the stick and yet there is no slippage. So to this point I an happy with my experiment. I may let the manufacture know of my attempt and see if they have any interest in putting the product in a little deeper but narrower container for our purpose. Thanks for your feedback and interest. I have enjoyed your DIY posts in the past.
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