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couldn't help but put in my 2 pence :D .....

before criticizing a drummer please try NOT to forget that what he plays in a band or for that matter on stage is 1/4th of what he can actually do when he is alone or in a studio with the needed ambience, peace and time ...

and also one more thing .... in such big venues and the type of music that Motley Crue played ..... simplicity and straight ahead beat is what suits best ... delicate work would go unobserved and would not put in that PUNCH in the chest of 1000 people who are jumping around you ........ (personally thats why i don't like stadium music )

So, i guess seeing his achivements one should give him his well earned benifit of doubt and respect ..

and now My personal taste:

I haven't heard much of his drumming and the ones which i heard does not put him amongst my favourite drummer ....

To some members here:

When you criticized/voiced your opinion about a government policy does it really make sense if someone says that "You should become the President of the country and then would have the right to criticize " or something in that line ?? .......

One need not have to be on the front page of drummerworld or for that matter even a good drummer to say what he likes or dislikes ..... (but offcourse in the socially acceptable way)
A musician not only plays music for himself but also for the normal public to hear so he should value their opinion ......
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